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Gosposka street

Gosposka ulicaIf we follow Ulica l0. oktobra (the 10th of October Street, to commemorate the 1920 Carinthian plebiscite) from Slomskov trg, we reach Gosposka ulica. The most interesting house there is number 11, with its classic front door, installed in 1796. Slovenski narod (The "Slovene Nation") journal had its first editorial offices in a one-story house at the site of the present-day department store Vema, at the corner of Jurciceva ulica. It was in this house that the noted Anton Tomsic and Josip Jurcic did their editorial work. The house at Gosposka ulica 5 has an interesting, decorated facade, with various seasonal motives; opposite it is the modern department store Kvik (the architect Borut Pecenko was awarded the Presern Foundation Award for his design) Jurciceva ulica is a few steps from Gosposka ulica. The present-day restaurant Novi svet ("The New World") is located on the site of the former pub Pri jelenu (" At the Deer"), which, at one time, was the most distinguished in Maribor; the Emperors Joseph II, Leopold II. Franz I, and the Russian Tsar Alexander I and his wife stayed there. The departnemt store Tekstilni dom is nearby, at Jurciceva ulica 4. Formerly (from 1838) it had housed a printing press. For many years Slovenski narod ("The Slovene Nation") and a German local paper were printed there. The upper part of Gosposka ulica leads to Volkmerjev prehod (the Volkmer Pass). The Hotel Zamorec ("The Negro"), renovated in 1989, had installed in a corner of the building a rare statue of the Virgin Mary, her head bent and abot to kneel on a globe of the earth as She presses on a fiery dragon. This statue, certainly a rarity in Slovenia, was created by a skilled eighteenth-century Styrian sculptor. At Volkmerjev prehod (Volkmer Pass) a memorial column was erected to commemorate the defiant resistance of young Mariborians against the Nazi occupation during World War II. The Jugoplastika Shop is at the end of Gosposka ulica. At one time the hotel Nadvojvoda Janez ('The Archduke Janez") and Slovanska citalnica (the Slavic Reading Club), which gave theatrical performances, were located there.