Maribor information system

The main shopping centre of Maribor is actually still where it used to be the Middle Ages: in Gosposka ulica.

GradFrom the north, shops, different agencies, and workshops follow one another along Slovenska ulica and Partizanska cesta to the railway station, and stretch well beyond it. In the location of the medieval town centre, the business and shopping districts also extend along Jurciceva and Vetrinjska ulica and Grajski trg (Castle Square).
To the west, the shopping area extends from
Glavni trg (Main Square) along Koroska cesta and ends in Vodnikov trg (Vodnik Square), with a picturesque outdoor food market, which stretches to the Round Tower on the Drava.

At the right bank of the Drava, below the old bridge, there is a group of smart shops. Shopping and business areas have also opened up in new housing developments, which expand from the city outwards.

Three large, centrally located department stores carry a wide variety of merchandise for every taste. They are Kvik, in Gosposka ulica; Merkur in Vetrinjska ulica; and Modna hisa, in Partizanska cesta; the latter also features a selfservice food shop Emona. Additionally, there are a number of self-service shops all over the city, along with discount stores.

Gosposka ulica
There are many speciality shops and quality delicatessens. Several small, privately owned boutiques, antique shops, and art galleries (where art works are for sale) enliven the city. These give a special charm to the renovated river bank area Lent. One can reach this area from Glavni trg (Main Square) by a number of narrow cobbled streets.

The many kiosks in the city centre, where one can buy anything from books to fruit to flowers, make browsing a genuine pleasure.

The food market on Koroska cesta is worth a trip. Farmers and local gardeners sell their produce, craftsmen their goods. A specialty here is the extensive collection of wood products, and in autumn, wooden barrels.

Souvenirs are available in various department stores, tourist agencies, stationary stores, and tobacconists.