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General Maister square

general Maister squareTrg generala Maistra (general Maister Square) is located between the Regional Assembly Building and the Castle. It was built on filled in gravel pits outside the town wall. To the west, the building housing the present-day Secondary Humanistic School (formerly the Natural Science School) as well as the Elementary School of the Polancic Brothers, was put up in 1873.

Rudolf MaisterThe trees on Trg generala Maistra (general Maister Square) were planted in 1883. The attractive stone fountain in front of the school, built after World War II, was designed by the architect Milan Cernigoj. A monument to the Slovene general and poet Rudolf Maister (1874 1934), was erected close to the fountain. After the collapse of the Austrian Hungarian Empire, it was General Maister who insured that Maribor and northeastern Slovenia would be part of the new Yugoslavian state. The monument was designed by the sculptor Vlasta Zorko and unveiled on October 10, 1987. Krekova ulica begins across the Park. The imposing former bank building (number 2) presently houses the rector's and other high offices of the University of Maribor. A tombstone, originally kept in the Regional Museum, of the editor and politician Anton Tomsic (1842-1871), was later placed at the eastern side of the park.