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Presernova street

From the monument we return to Ulica talcev and turn into Presernova ulica. To our left we climb the stairs to the building housing the Union movie theatre. The Union building was constructed before World War I by the Maribor brewer Gotz. The great acoustic hall is still used for a variety of events: movies, concerts, meetings, and memorials are held there as well. A second movie theatre, the Kino gledalisce, was later added to the Union building. From the back, the two buildings face Rakusev trg (Rakusa Square), dedicated to the stenographer Rudolf Rakusa. The wine cellars of the Vinag winery are located under neath the Square. The company has its offices in Trg svobode 3. The cellars extend over an area of two hectares and can accommodate six million litres of wine. Opposite the Square is both the self-service and the table-service Restaurant Center (Presernova 8). A Vetrinje Farm, a military hospital. and a students' dormatory were once at its present site. Next to the restaurant, on a gently elevated terrace, at the corner of Razlagova ulica, is the School of Economics and Business Administration. Placed in front of the building is a sculpture created as part of the Maribor Forma Viva in 1970 by the American sculptor Graves Bradford A second school of Economics and Business Administration, housing administrative offices, lecture halls, and classrooms, is located in the new building on Razlagova ulica 20.