CAMTP home 5th International Summer School/Conference
Center for Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics
CAMTP, University of Maribor, Slovenia
30 June - 14 July 2002

Abstracts of Posters

This is a final list of posters that have been accepted for presentation throughout the Summer School/Conference:

  1. John W. Acevedo Valencia (Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Colombia)
    Directed transport in a spatially periodic magnetic billiard
  2. Savita K. Angadi (National Institute of Advanced Studies, India)
    Nonlinear dynamics of pathogenesis and prognosis factor
  3. Manuel Arrayas (Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Spain)
    Sparks like coral reefs (the press said...)
  4. Lasko Basnarkov (Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Republic of Macedonia)
    Deterministic diffusion in a gravitational billiard
  5. Jeroen M. Bergamin (University of Patras, Greece and University of Warwick, United Kingdom)
    1. Homoclinic orbits of invertible maps
    2. Breathers and homoclinic orbits
  6. Harald Bergmann (Freising, Germany)
    Physics of love
  7. Paul S. Cerny (Munich University of Technology, Germany)
    A pedagogical survey on some aspects of martingales
  8. Vitaliy Cherkaskiy (Kharkov Institute of Physics and Technology, Ukraine)
    Quantum manifestation of classical stochasticity in the mixed state
  9. Paul M. Diderichsen (Technical University of Denmark, Denmark)
    b-cell repolarization in the bursting Chay-87 model
  10. Barbara S. Dietz (Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany)
    Quantum chaos experiments with superconducting microwave cavities
  11. Hans Fogedby (University of Aarhus, Denmark)
    Power laws in a noisy finite-time-singularity model
  12. Martin Horvat (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia)
    Wigner function statistics of quantum maps
  13. Gökay Karakas (Centre for Environmental Research, Germany)
    Estimation of effective vertical diffusivity and viscosity in turbulent exchange flows by numerical experiments
  14. Song-Ju Kim (Communications Research Laboratory, Japan)
    Rule and density behavior in rule-dynamical systems
  15. Young-Hee Kim (Philipps-Universität Marburg, Germany)
    Wavefunction scarring in open quantum dots: A microwave-billiard analog study
  16. Ulrich Kuhl (Philipps-Universität Marburg, Germany)
    Universal transmission fluctuations in open microwave billiards with and without time-reversal symmetry
  17. Dae-Sic Lee (Pai Chai University, Republic of Korea)
    Periodic phase synchronization in coupled chaotic oscillators
  18. Vjera Lopac (University of Zagreb, Croatia)
    Chaotic properties of some billiards with singular boundaries
  19. Hironori Makino (Tokai University, Japan)
    Limiting level spacing distribution of integrable quantum systems
  20. Matej Mencinger (University of Maribor, Slovenia)
    On Marcus approach to quadratic ODE and stability of origin
  21. Tomoshige Miyaguchi (Waseda University, Japan)
    Anomalous diffusion in a Hamiltonian system
  22. Yuichiro Okada (Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan)
    1. Equivalence between isospectrality and iso-length spectrality for a certain class of planar billiard domains
    2. Can one determine the shape of a drum through the spectrum of the interior Dirichlet problem and the cross sections of the exterior Neumann scattering?
  23. Jung-Wan Ryu (Pai Chai University, Republic of Korea)
    Noise induced phase synchronization in diode lasers
  24. Petr Seba (Czech Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic)
    Random matrix analysis of human EEG data
  25. Pavel A. Selyshchev (Kiev University, Ukraine)
    Stochastic auto-oscillation of temperature and defect density in crystals under fluctuating conditions of irradiation
  26. Susumu Shinohara (Ritsumeikan University, Japan)
    Stability of low-dimensional solutions in the Fermi-Pasta-Ulam system
  27. Moritz Simon (Munich University of Technology, Germany)
    On some difference equations in context of q-Fourier analysis
  28. Charalampos Skokos (University of Patras and Academy of Athens, Greece)
    Finding periodic orbits in area preserving maps by topological degree theory
  29. Johan N.M. Stäring (Chalmers University of Technology and Göteborg University, Sweden)
    Constrained random matrices
  30. Dmitry Strunin (University of Southern Queensland, Australia)
    Bifurcations in sixth-order PDE modelling spinning reaction fronts
  31. Masashi Tachikawa (Nagoya University, Japan)
    Multiplicity of limit cycle attractors in a coupled heteroclinic cycle system
    extended abstract with figures (gzipped postscript)
  32. Takaomi Tsujimoto (Osaka-City University, Japan)
    Self-similar magneto-conductance fluctuations in general-shaped soft-wall quantum billiards
  33. Alexei A. Vasiliev (Space Research Institute, Russia)
    Geometric and statistical properties induced by separatrix crossings in volume-preserving systems
  34. Simon R. Woodford (University of Cape Town, South Africa)
    Parametrically driven dark solitons
  35. Geo-Su Yim (Pai Chai University, Republic of Korea)
    Chaotic outputs of an operational amplifier
  36. Shiogai Yuri (Kyoto University, Japan)
    Wave propagation in random media with nonlocal coupling
  37. Marko Znidaric (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia)
    Many-body symbolic dynamics of a classical oscillator chain
All abstracts of posters in a single printable file:
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