CAMTP home 6th International Summer School/Conference
Center for Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics
CAMTP, University of Maribor, Slovenia
26 June - 10 July 2005

Scientific Communications

If you already work in the field, you might have the opportunity to present your work and your results as a communication, namely either as a poster or as a short report. Each participant can present either up to two posters, or one poster and one short report, or just one poster, or just one short report, or no communication at all. A poster can have typical dimensions of 100 cm x 150 cm. We suggest to make a collage of A4 sheets, easily adaptable to the poster boards, warranting the high technical quality of presentation. The display/exhibition of the posters will last for the entire period of the School/Conference, that is two weeks, and there will be two halls (Dvorana Antona Trstenjaka and Dvorana Borisa Podrecce) devoted to the poster exhibition in the Main University Building, just next to the main lecture hall (Velika dvorana). There (in the Halls Anton Trstenjak and Boris Podrecca) we shall serve tea and coffee in the breaks so that the interactions and discussions around the posters will be extremely intense, effective and long-lasting. Therefore the presentation of posters is strongly encouraged and recommended.

A short report (seminar) can be maximally 20 minutes long. Both types of contributions are subject to the refereeing procedure and the acceptance by the Organizing Committee. The category of communication, the title and the abstract, including some key references, should be stated in the electronic Application form, about roughly half A4 page per communication. If you want to increase the visibility of your scientific communications and their assessment then we advise you to include your C.V. and the list of publications in your submission of the Application form. The Application form is available in plain ascii format. This must be filled in and mailed to the e-mail address The deadline for this type of application is 15 May 2005.

The selection will be quite strong and only a limited number of communications will be accepted (about 20 short reports, and about 40-60 posters). Again, it should be emphasized that the posters will be displayed during the full period of the School/Conference (two weeks), which is a very important advantage in favour of the authors, allowing them a thorough presentation and discussion with the interested persons, especially during the coffee breaks, in the mornings and in the evenings. Therefore there will be no special poster session (time interval).

Subject to the willingness of our sponsors we shall make arrangements to award a few of the most outstanding works. The awards traditionally are substantial, worth about 500.-EUR each.

Proceedings of the School/Conference

The accepted (selected) and presented communications of the participants will be published together with the lectures of the invited lecturers and speakers in the Proceedings of the School/ Conference. The organizing committee plans again, like in 1999/2000 and 2002/2003, to publish the Proceedings in a special volume of the Supplement of Progress in Theoretical Physics (Kyoto, Japan). The deadline for submission of the articles (typescripts) will be 31 December 2005. The Proceedings will have about 600 pages in total, and should be printed and distributed worldwide in about May/June 2006. The interested persons can have a look at the Proceedings of the 4th and 5th School/Conference published in special volumes of the Progress in Theoretical Physics Supplements (Kyoto) Vol. 139, 2000, Editors M. Robnik, Y. Aizawa, H. Hasegawa and Y. Kuramoto, and Vol. 150, 2003 Editors M. Robnik, Y. Aizawa, and Y. Kuramoto, to see the typical structure and contents of our Proceedings. The publications there have a status of a regular refereed article.
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