CAMTP home 5th International Summer School/Conference
Center for Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics
CAMTP, University of Maribor, Slovenia
30 June - 14 July 2002

Cultural and Social Events

During the first week of the School/Conference there will be the International Maribor Summer Festival Lent 2002, each evening offering at least four to five cultural events (performances), among which you can freely choose, including theatre, opera and ballet, symphonic and chamber music concerts, jazz performances, folkloristic festival performed by groups from all over the world, etc... The quality level is substantial, some of the best artists in the world come to Maribor, especially in the domain of jazz. For example, in 1996 we even had Ray Charles. And much more. All performances are taking place either at various open air places/squares in the old medieval part of the town, called "Lent", by the river Drava, or inside some historic buildings in the same city quarter, or in the opera, theatre or other concert halls in the city. The entrance is free for our participants, and the entrance tickets will be distributed together with other conference materials upon your arrival in Maribor. Reservations, if necessary, can be made (in block) for the interested persons by the assisting staff of the Conference at registration desk. The detailed programme brochure of the Festival performances will be available and distributed upon your arrival in Maribor. The brochure is the entrance ticket for all performances. Also, upon your arrival, together with the conference materials, you will receive the book "Facts about Slovenia", to guide you through our country. We shall also have three private concerts and a number of public evening lectures.

On Saturday morning, 6 July 2002, we shall have the presentations of the short reports, until lunch time. Then, on the same Saturday afternoon, 6 July 2002, after lunch, there will be a tour through the city of Maribor and the neighbourhood followed by a wine tasting of some of the best Slovenian wines in "Vinoteka" in the Water Tower at Lent in Maribor. On the same Saturday evening there will be the banquet and the closing festivity of the folkloristic part of the Festival Lent 2002, accompanied by a big firework performance starting at 23:45 and lasting until 00:15.


On Sunday, 7 July 2002, we will organize, together with tourist agency Van Gogh, three excursions to different parts of Slovenia (see presentation slides). They will take place if there is enough participants. The participation si charged extra.

1. Bled - Postojna Cave - Ljubljana

Departure from Maribor at 9:00. We will be taken by a luxurious, air-conditioned bus to the beautiful Lake Bled. There we take a typical local rowing boat ("pletnja") to the island and visit the church on the island. Afterwards we visit the Bled Castle with beautiful sight of the lake and surrounding Alps. We take a tour of the historic collection there and have a lunch in the Castle restaurant.

After lunch we drive to Postojna and visit the famous Postojna Caves.

In the early evening we proceed to Ljubljana where we take a stroll through the old town (Robba's Fountain) along the Ljubljanica riverbanks, and across the Dragon Bridge and the Triple Bridge. We will have an excellent dinner and return to Maribor around midnight.

Minimum 30 participants, 85 € per person (includes everything, all entrance fees, lunch and dinner, except beverages).

2. Dolenjska region - monasteries and castle

Departure from Maribor at 9:00 by a luxurious, air-conditioned bus. Our first stop is at the Kostanjevica monastery with a permanent exhibition of Bozidar Jakac, one of the greatest and most productive Slovenian painters. Next stop is at the Pleterje monastery where the monks might reveal some of their secrets.

Afterwards we visit Otocec (island with a very old castle on the Krka river). Lord of the castle will organize the "castle reception" for us, and then we will have a lunch in the Castle restaurant. In the afternoon we visit the old part of Novo Mesto and relax having a cup of coffee. We finish the touristic part in Mirna, sighting the church of Saint John the Baptist with the famous frescos by Bolfgang from 1468.

In the evening we will have a typical rustical (very non-standard) dinner with specialties from the bread-baking oven. We return to Maribor around midnight.

Minimum 30 participants, 60 € per person (includes everything, all entrance fees, lunch and dinner, except beverages).

3. Pohorje hiking - wildlife

This excursion is for nature lovers and hikers - you will need sport shoes and willingness to walk for several hours.

At 9:30 we will be taken to the Pohorje cablecar, and lifted to the Bellevue viewpoint. They will offer us some blueberry brandy (typical Pohorje short drink) for early warm-up. Then we take an easy hike for a couple of hours to Areh. If we get unlucky, we might have to run fast :-) At Areh we get a light warm meal and proceed to the natural reserve (virgin forest) Pragozd Sumik. We will visit the waterfall and cool-down with the fresh water (we will not swim in the Black Lake).

We will not have to walk all the way back - they will take us by a van. And they will even offer us a dinner in a mountain hut with a nice overview of Maribor by night.

Minimum 8 participants, 40 € per person (includes everything, light meal and dinner, except beverages).

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