CAMTP home 5th International Summer School/Conference
Center for Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics
CAMTP, University of Maribor, Slovenia
30 June - 14 July 2002

Application Procedure and Fees

To apply, fill out the electronic application form please.

The participation is limited to about 140 persons, and is based on the application and invitation procedure. More or less this implies that the admission will be based on the "first come, first served" principle, and so the interested persons are strongly advised to apply as soon as possible. When the maximum capacity of 140 accepted participants will be reached, no further submission of the application form will be possible. After receiving their application and the advance payment the candidates - applicants will be notified whether they are admitted - invited or not.
The normal participation fee (before 15 May 2002) is 1050 € (about 930 US$).
For late applications (between 15 May and 27 June 2002) the fee is 1300 € (about 1150 US$).
This participation fee covers everything (except the trips on Sunday, 7 July 2002):

The advance payment for normal application is 550 € (about 490 US$) before 15 May 2002, and 800 € (about 710 US$) for late application after 15 May 2002 and before 27 June 2002. The payment should be made and the proof of it (faxed copy of the bank transfer) must be received within one week after the electronic application. The bank transfer should go to the account of the Summer School/Conference:
Center za upor. mat. in teor. fiz. CAMTP
Krekova 2, SI-2000 Maribor, Slovenia
Beneficiarie's Bank:
Nova Kreditna Banka Maribor d.d.
Vita Kraigherja 4
SI-2000 Maribor, Slovenia
Account number: 51800-603-34826
The proof of the payment - a copy of the bank transfer - must be sent to the fax +(386 2) 2355 360. Please, on the bank transfer order form, clearly write your full name and surname, the address, the city and the country of your residence. This is required by the new Slovenian law to prevent the international illegal money laundry. If an institution is paying the advance payment for you, then please clearly write the name and the full address of the institution plus your name and surname.

Participants from Slovenia should pay the advance payment by a bank transfer in SIT equivalent (according to the mean exchange rate of the Nova Kreditna Banka Maribor) to the account:

Center za upor. mat. in teor. fiz. CAMTP
ziro racun: 51800-603-34826
pripis: za Poletno Solo
and otherwise follow the same procedure as advised above for foreign applicants.

The Contact Address of the School/Conference:

CAMTP, Summer School
University of Maribor
Krekova 2, SI-2000 Maribor, Slovenia
Fax +(386 2) 2355 360
Phone +(386 2) 2355 350 and 2355 351

Applications without the advance payment will not be processed. Those participants who wish to pay the full participation fee 1050 € for normal application and 1300 € for the late application, already as advanced payment, are welcome to do so. In the case of cancellation for any reason, the applicant will be refunded the whole amount except for 200 € cancellation fee. In cases of rejected applications, the full amount will be refunded.

The proof of the advance payment - a copy to our fax - must be received at our address of CAMTP at latest one week after the electronic application (see above). Then, upon the receipt of the application and of the proof of the advance payment the candidates will be notified whether they are accepted or not, including their scientific communications. When sending the payment please clearly indicate your name and the identity (the full address) beyond any doubt. When the maximum capacity of about 140 participants will be reached the School/Conference will be closed for further applications. Thus the organizers strongly recommend to apply as early as possible.

The arrival and reservation form must be submitted electronically at latest by 27 June 2002, possibly much earlier if you already know your arrival data.

All registered - admitted participants and interested persons registered on the mailing list will receive our regular circularies with the up-to-date information on the School/Conference.

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