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City of Munich Replaces Windows with Linux

May 28th 2003

The city council of Munich today made a key decision to deploy the open source operating system Linux instead of alternative operating systems. This initiative will see Germany's third largest city migrate 14,000 desktop and notebook computers to Linux. Their objective is to deploy information technology that stimulates more commercial and technological flexibility at a lower cost to the public sector. Although the council has not made a decision on its choice of vendor, Linux distributor SuSE Linux AG and IBM Germany will be participating in the resulting contract bid.

Richard Seibt, CEO SuSE Linux: "Today, the city of Munich announced a courageous, momentous decision to choose the right technology at the right time. Courageous because it is not always easy to decide against the status quo -- especially in the face of the tremendous pressures we know can be brought to bear. Momentous because we believe this truly marks a watershed moment for Linux. The city clearly sees Linux not just as cost savings over costly, proprietary software, but also as the best tool for the job -- bringing security, stability, flexibility and privacy, not available to them before."

Walter Raizner, Country General Manager IBM Germany: "In the public sector in Germany we have seen a variety of new implementations of open standards-based software such as Linux. And worldwide, more than 75 IBM government customers - including agencies in France, Spain, UK, Australia, Mexico, the United States and Japan - have now embraced open computing and Linux to save costs, consolidate workloads, increase efficiency and enact e-government transformation. With Munich's decision, one thing is clear - it's open season for open computing. Linux represents freedom and flexibility. This is essential in e-government - they need more flexibility to serve their constituencies better and faster, and freedom of choice to do it at less cost to the public. Munich is leading the way."

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