Maribor information system

Maribor has had its own theatre since 1785. Initially, it was a modest building, but in 1852 was replaced by a new, larger building. Although the building has undergone several renovations, it has served the community to the present gledalisceday. Recently a new large modern wing has been added to the theatre, which will make possible the staging of more innovative productions as well as a variety of other events.

The Slovene National Theatre has got a full repertory of dramas, operas, and ballets. Under the directorship of esteemed artists it has been staging interesting examples of the drama and opera repertory. From 1966 on, each autumn various Slovene theatres meet in Maribor at Borstnikovo srecanje (the Borstnik Meeting). Here they repeat their best performances of the year. This is the largest turnout of theatres in Slovenia.

In addition, Maribor, drawing on a long and rich tradition, is alive with amateur theatrical endeavours. Actually, the longest running amateur theatre in Slovenia is the Slava Klavora Theatre. Similary, the Puppet Theatre is very popular in the city. A professional puppet company has been active in the city since 1975.