Maribor information system

In Maribor, music was at first cultivated at the homes of noblemen and wealthy townspeople. In 1825, the Musical Society and its school were founded. In 1846 a men's choral society (Mannergesangverein) established a great tradition. After the March Revolution in 1848, the city established a brass band, and in 1881, The Philharmonic Society organized its own school.

Slovene residents have devoted themselves zealously to music, in the Citalnica (the Reading Club) and, above all, in their appreciation of men's choral singing. Orchestral music was first cultivated in local musical groups, but later it became firmly situated in the Musical Society. It was founded at the beginning of the century.

After World War I, musical life in Maribor began to flourish. The Glasbena matica (The Music Society) was founded and became the centre of musical endeavours in Maribor. Its choir, orchestra, and music school became the focal point of musical creativity. In addition to the Glasbena matica, there were several other choirs and bands.

After 1945 orchestral music in Maribor was performed mainly by the opera orchestra. From 1952 to 1965 the Philharmonia gave regular concert seasons. Today there is the famous PTT Brass Band (sponsored by the local PTT) and there are young Toti Big Band and Symphonic Orchestra.

Maribor still continues to encourage choral singing. Among the best of the choirs today are The Maribor Academic Choir and the Youth Singing Choir (Carmina Slovenica), both famous throughout Europe. To them we can add the Girls' Choir Heribert Svetel and the Men's Choir Slava Klavora, but perhaps the best known is Mariborski Oktet.

Maribor boasts excellent concert easons, organized by the Concert Agency and Narodni dom Agency. On the Maribor concert stage the foremost international artists perform. The annual autumn evenings of Baroque music are particulary exciting.

Also characteristic of Maribor are the many groups featuring folk, popular, and rock music. The best known of their performances is the annual Festival of Styrian Songs and the annual Folk Dances Festival.