Vehicle Simulation Readme

Gregor Veble, March 22nd 2001

Thank you for your interest in my vehicle simulation project. While this is very much a work in progress, or even a work in the beginning, I think enough features are already present that the potential will be obvious at this stage.


The author cannot be held responsible for any damage that the program or its parts may inflict to the system it runs on. Installing and running it is done at the sole responsibility of the user.

It's obvious nothing like this should ever happen during normal usage, but it's better to cover one's back, isn't it?


Unknown at this point, but it runs on my 450 MHz processor and a GeForce 2 MX card nicely. The complexity of the scenery and the car parameters may change the requirements drastically, though. DirectX 8.0 or higher is needed for the sound and inputs, while an OpenGL 3D accelerator card is required for the graphics.


This is the good stuff!

I'm sure I've forgotten some features, I'll add more when I think of them!


Currently, the program is provided as a zipped file that can be decompressed into a directory of choice. No real installation is necessary.

The program is run by starting the SimEngine.exe executable file in the main directory.

Unless you are using a simple joystick, you will probably want to change the axis assignements. These settings are found in the Input.ini file in the main directory. Different controls (prefix CTR_ ) can be assigned to different axes or buttons of your joystick. Settings for my Logitech Formula Force GP wheel in split axis mode are provided as the Input.iniff file, and this file needs to be renamed to Input.ini to work. Current controls are

and these can be assigned to the following

For example,


Additionally, each axis can be given an _UP or _DOWN suffix (e.g. Y_AXIS_UP ) in order to, for example, support inputs with combined axes (e.g. accelerator and brake on the same axis). To help you with axis assignements, run the Joystick.exe file that is in the main directory. Additional commands are the following: