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The Center for Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics (CAMTP) was founded in June 1990 as a new research institute under the direction of Professor Dr. Marko Robnik, also its present director, and became an independent academic institution (member) of the University of Maribor in July 1991. The financial support is provided by the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology of the Republic of Slovenia (ARRS). Its research activities and collaborations are strongly internationally oriented, and the institute now has already a number of external collaborators and research visitors from among the leading scientists in Slovenia and abroad, especially in Germany, Japan, PR China, England, Italy, Belarus and USA.

The theoretical research programme covers several dominant fields:

  1. Nonlinear dynamics of classical and quantum nonintegrable and chaotic systems (classical and quantum chaos)
  2. Selected chapters in mathematical physics
  3. Dynamical systems and the theory of differential equations
  4. Computer algebra
  5. High energy physics theory
  6. Selected chapters in theoretical astrophysics
  7. Fluid dynamics and plasma theory
  8. Intelligent systems and modelling of complex systems

CAMTP collaborates also with the University of Ljubljana. The Center has bilateral agreements (Memorandum of Understanding) with Waseda University, Tokyo, Munich University of Technology, Institute Rudjer Boskovic, Zagreb, and several institutions in Minsk, Belarus. The Center is one of the supporting and founding institutions of the international journal Nonlinear Phenomena in Complex Systems (NPCS) which is published in Minsk, and recognized by the European Physical Society - its online version is maintained at CAMTP, and its mirrors at Dubna, Russia, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA and Yukawa Institute, Kyoto, Japan.

CAMTP has bilateral projects funded by ARRS and foreign ministries or agencies with the following countries: Germany, Japan, China, USA and Ukraine.

The purpose of the Center is to carry out the theoretical research, to maintain the international academic relations and collaborations in these fields, and to educate young research students. CAMTP has excellent computer facilities. The Center is also the scientific organizer of the international Summer Schools and Conferences Let's Face Chaos through Nonlinear Dynamics, held in 1993 and in 1994 at the University of Ljubljana, and in the years 1996, 1999, 2002 and 2005 at the University of Maribor. The next, 7th one, will be held on 29 June - 13 July 2008, according to the tradition now. CAMTP also organizes the European Advanced Studies Conferences, the Japan-Slovenia Seminars on Nonlinear Science, SOCRATES Workshops and the Christmas Symposia of Physicists in Maribor.

The members of the Center have collectively several hundred original research papers in international journals and more than ten thousand SCI citations.

Theses and Research Positions Available

At CAMTP we offer a wide variety of topics for undergraduate and graduate theses in the area of theoretical physics. Prof. Marko Robnik can advise suitable candidates in nonlinear dynamics of classical and quantum dynamic systems. Prof. Valery Romanovski can advise suitable candidates in the field of differential equations and dynamical systems. CAMTP offers working environment with all the necessary support, including computers, network access and library. After successful completion of an undergraduate thesis work there exists a possibility for continuing graduate study of physics. There is an opening (or two) for a position of a young researcher, with advisorship for the doctoral thesis. Until now, Prof. Marko Robnik has advised four undegraduate theses, one masters thesis, and two doctoral theses, all of them very successfully with publications in respected international journals. Two doctoral PhD theses are under way. Contact email is

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