Nonlinear dynamics has been a vivid area of multidisciplinary research for several past decades with numerous successful

applications in diverse areas of science. From a physicist’s perspective, one is still intrigued by the connection between the

classical (often completely deterministic) chaotic dynamics and the properties of the corresponding quantum counterpart.

The key aspect which often unifies such connections is universality. The aim of the Symposium is to bring together renowned

scientists from different fields, sharing a common interest in complex classical and quantum systems, with a particular emphasis

on discussing open problems and perspectives in classical and quantum dynamics, from viewpoints of fundamental research

and applications.


The venue of the symposium as well as lodging of all participants has been now fixed at the Grand Hotel Union, Ljubljana.


Grand Hotel Union with a magnificent building in a secession style and prominent role in the history of Ljubljana has a unique

location at the heart of the city.